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  IBT – Teamsters Dairy Conference

The Teamsters represent more than 35,000 dairy employees nationwide. These employees are pasteurizers, cheese cooks, gallon filler operators, and yogurt processors, to name a few job descriptions in the industry
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  IBT – Teamsters Express Division

The Express Division was created in 2008 to handle all matters relating to DHL Express (this includes the DHL Independent Cartage Contractors or ICCs) and Air Express International AEI, formerly known as Danzas. 

Under the direction of Division Director Bill Hamilton, the Express Division has established regional chairs. Among their many duties, these chairs will oversee implementation of the National Master DHL Express agreement and the AEI Master.
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  IBT – Teamsters Food Processing Division

The Teamsters represent more than 60,000 workers in the food processing industry, including mechanics, forklift drivers, machine operators and production line workers. They help to make and move just about every kind of food you will find at the grocery store. We hope this site will serve as a source of information on the latest developments in the division.
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  IBT – Teamsters Freight Division

The Freight Division represents the interests of more than 75,000 Teamsters members from approximately 200 local unions. Freight employees include truck drivers, dockworkers, mechanics, and office personnel. On a daily basis, the Freight Division coordinates National Grievance Panels, Regional Grievance Panels, change of operations, and negotiations of individual contracts. The Freight Division also responds to questions from members and local unions concerning worker benefits, equipment safety, grievances, change of operation, and organizing new members. The Division works closely with other departments to further the interests of freight members.
25 Louisiana Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 20001
  IBT – Teamsters Industrial Trades Division

The Teamsters Industrial Trades Division is one of the largest in the union, representing over 151,000 members and more than 400 local unions. The scope of the division is far reaching, covering workers employed at school bus companies, parking lots and garages, car rental companies and manufacturing plants such as chemical, paper, electronic, tool and die, tires and transmission. School bus workers are one of the largest groups within the division. Since 2006 the union has organized more than 35,000 of school bus workers. We represent more than 75,000 school bus and transit workers - more than any other union! The Division also represents approximately 30,000 members in the parking industry, including Central Parking, the largest parking operator in the world.
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  IBT – Teamsters Motion Picture and Theatrical Trade Divi

Thank you for visiting the Motion Picture and Theatrical Trade Division page of the Teamsters web site. The Motion Picture and Theatrical Trade Division represents workers in the motion picture industry including firms that produce feature films, television programs, commercials, and live theatrical productions.
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  IBT – Teamsters Newspaper, Magazine and Electronic

The Newspaper, Magazine and Electronic Media Workers Conference brings together workers engaged in all phases of the printing process, from design to printing to delivery. We represent Teamster locals in the U.S. and Canada with membership employed in the newspaper, printing and electronic media industries. Working with the Graphic Communications Conference, our responsibilities include: Keeping members aware of what is going on in their industries; Increasing the overall numbers of members to bring strength to the Conference; negotiating multi-location agreements; raising wages, benefits and other conditions of employment; protecting Teamster jobs by resolving grievances and disputes; devising and implementing strong agreements for employees; and enforcing and improving safety standards in all types of production and distribution facilities.
Media Workers Conference, ,
  IBT – Teamsters Package Division

The Division serves more than 250,000 members throughout the United States who work at UPS and UPS Freight. UPS is the single largest employer in the Teamsters Union. The Division is responsible for ensuring that management abides by the UPS and UPS Freight National Master Agreements. The UPS contract is the largest collective bargaining agreement in North America. Under the direction of General Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall, the Division represents UPS package car drivers, air drivers, feeder drivers, part-time loaders, unloaders, sorters and clerks. It also represents more than 12,000 UPS Freight drivers and dockworkers, and 1,300 workers at UPS Cartage Services Inc.
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  IBT – Teamsters Parking Division

The Teamsters Parking Division was formed in January 2014 to represent parking members, and prior to becoming a division members were represented by the Teamsters National Parking Council, which was part of the Teamsters Industrial Trades Division. Today, the Teamsters parking membership includes more than 20,000 workers at Central Parking, AMPCO Parking, Ace Parking and other companies. These members fill such service positions as cashiers, valet parking attendants, hikers, porters and shuttle bus drivers. The Division is actively involved in the organizing campaigns that are under way and winning the strongest contracts in the industry, as well as providing the best representation.
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  IBT – Teamsters Port Division

Ports in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico are the economic engines of regional economies employing hundreds of thousands of workers. Ninety-five percent of the goods imported to our countries flow through our ports. Teamsters are among the best-paid port workers. Our jobs include truck driving, warehousing, stevedoring, operating and repairing ferries and tugs, and building ships. Our division is also committed to organizing the unorganized. Owner-drivers hauling intermodal containers are the most exploited truck drivers. We will harness Teamster power to secure good union contracts for these brothers and sisters.
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  IBT – Teamsters of the Public Services Division

The more than 273,000 Teamsters of the Public Services Division provide critical public services through the government, private employers and not-for-profit organizations. As unsung everyday heroes, Teamster public service employees respond to life threatening emergencies, clean our schools, drive our buses, transport our children, provide security in public buildings, care for the elderly and veterans, maintain our roads and support our military. Teamsters work at city hall and in the court system, perform important health care roles as doctors, nurses, and blood collection personnel, and protect citizens as police, deputy sheriffs, safety aides and corrections officers. White collar, blue collar, technicians and degreed professionals - Teamster public service members are an integral part of everyday life.
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  IBT – Teamsters Rail Conference

The Teamsters Rail Conference represents more than 70,000 rail employees in the United States who work as locomotive engineers, trainmen and maintenance of way workers on the five major freight railroads, Amtrak and numerous commuter rail systems and short lines. The Conference was formed in early 2004 after the merger of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and added to in late 2004 when the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes also merged with the Teamsters. At that convention three officers were elected to lead the rail conference for the next four years. Dennis Pierce was elected President of the Rail Conference; Lee Pruitt was elected Vice President; and, Perry Geller was elected Secretary-Treasurer.
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  IBT – Teamsters Solid Waste and Recycling Division

Welcome to the Solid Waste, Recycling and Related Industries web page. We hope this web site will serve as a source of information on the latest developments in the division. The Teamsters Solid Waste, Recycling and Related Industries Division currently represents more than 32,000 members and our goal is to aggressively organize the more than 180,000 unorganized workers in our industries. The private sanitation industry is increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few powerful corporations, and we will need to coordinate bargaining and develop strong networks among locals to continue to win strong contracts.
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  IBT – Teamsters Tankhaul Division

The Tankhaul Division represents highly skilled drivers who transport essential liquids and gases. These workers keep homes warm, fuel tanks full and oxygen flowing. The Tankhaul Division works to ensure that all employers meet their commitments to Teamster-represented employees. The Division coordinates activities and priorities with local and regional representatives, plus negotiates and administers multi-area, multi-employer tankhaul agreements. Director: Keith Gleason
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  IBT – Teamsters Trade Show and Convention Centers Divisi

The Trade Show and Convention Centers Division represents Teamster members who install trade shows and conventions, work in hotels and casinos, and operate buses, limos and moving vans throughout the United States. The Trade Show and Convention Centers Division helps local unions organize and represent all employees who work in this industry throughout the United States and Canada. The division also helps Teamsters members acquire and maintain the technical abilities and high standards needed in these jobs. This Division can provide information and assistance to Teamsters locals in obtaining higher wages and benefits, and better working conditions through contract negotiations.
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  IBT – Teamsters Warehouse Division

The Teamsters Warehouse Division represents members in warehousing, distribution, food processing and related industries. Workers in these industries include drivers, lift truck operators, equipment operators, food processing workers and clerical employees. The Warehouse Division is one of the largest of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters' 21 divisions and conferences. The division provides a variety of support services to local unions and their members. One of the Warehouse Division's largest contracts is with Costco. For more than 20 years, Teamster representation has given more than 15,000 Costco workers a strong voice and the ability to earn a middle-class income with great benefits in a safe workplace.
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  IBT – Local 202

Teamsters Local #202, Bronx, New York
N Y City Term Mkt#12A , Bronx, NY 10474
  IBT – Local 560

Teamsters Local #560, Union City, New Jersey
707 Summit Avenue , Union City, NJ 07087
  IBT – Teamsters National Black Caucus Conference

Teamsters National Black Caucus Conference, Memphis, Tennessee
PO Box 16707, Memphis, TN 38186-0707
  IBT – Teamsters National Hispanic Caucus Convention

Teamsters National Hispanic Caucus Convention, San Diego, California
4626 Mercury Street, San Diego, CA 92111
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