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  UWNE – Utility Workers of New England

The Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA) has has over 50,000 members working in the electric, gas, water, and nuclear industries. The UWUA represents utility workers in municipal, as well as publicly traded utilities. Fields include power generation (power plants), power distribution (transmission and distribution), call/service center employees, as well as natural gas and water utilities. The Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA) is affiliated with the AFL-CIO.
120 Bay State Drive , Braintree,
  PHPA – Professional Helicopter Pilot Association

PHPA fights battles in the U.S. Congress and in the state houses. It monitors the legislative agenda of pilots and ensures that Congress is aware of the members' position on issues that concern their lives.
354 S. Daleville Ave. , Daleville, AL 36322
  CAPA – Coalition of Airline Pilots Associations

CAPA is a trade association comprised of over 25,000 professional airline pilots. CAPA's purpose is to address safety, security, legislative and regulatory issues affecting the professional flight deck crew member on matters of common interest to the individual member unions.
444 N. Capitol Street, Washington, DC 20001
  APWU – Local 7115

21st Century Postal Workers
830 Stewart Ave, Garden City, NY 11599-0001
  IBEW – Labor Union Blog

This Labor Union Blog was placed on this site to encourage everyone to write articles good and bad of what they think, observe or experiences they have had with labor unions. This site is not affiliated with IBEW in anyways. This site is mainly just a site to discuss topics related to Labor Unions and their members.
, ,
  IATSE – Local 695

The Finest Technicians working in Production Sound and Video Engineering and Studio Projection for Motion Pictures, Television, Music,Commercials and Sports Broadcast. Representing Our Members for 85 Years.
5439 Cahuenga Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA 91601
  IAM – District Lodge 776

IAM District Lodge 776's has 16 different Local Lodges around the Great State of Texas.
7711 Clifford St., Ft. Worth, TX 76108
  NATCA – Local A11

Alaska has two 24/7/365 TRACON facilities: one located in Anchorage at the base of ANC ATCT and another in Fairbanks as the northern most TRACON in the National Airspace System. Both employ around 18 to 20 controllers and a small handful of Support Staff Specialists.
5200 W. Int'l Airport Rd., Anchorage, AK 99502
  IAFF – Austin Professional Firefighters Local 975

Our mission is to advocate for the citizens of Austin on issues which affect their safety. This includes educating the public on issues such as emergency response and mitigation, budgetary impacts, political considerations, and firefighters benefits which directly affect the safety of citizens of Austin and their firefighters.
IAFF Local 975, Austin, TX 78768-4672
  NATCA – Lehigh Valley National Airport Local ABE

Nonstop to Orlando, Punta Gorda/Ft. Myers, Tampa/St Pete, Sanford, Myrtle Beach, Charlotte, Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, Toronto, Philadelphia. Connect to Anywhere in the World!
135 Fashion Drive South, Allentown , PA 18109
  APEA/AFT – United Academic Adjuncts

Alaska's state affiliate of the AFT (American Federation of Teachers). One of Alaska's largest unions, and the state's oldest public employee union, APEA-AFT represents roughly 8,000 workers throughout Alaska.
211 Fourth Street, Junea, AK 99801
  IFPTE – Ames Federal Employees Union Local 30

If you are a civil servant at NASA Ames, AFEU is your union. We directly support (and bargain on behalf of) nearly all of the non-supervisory federal employees at NASA Ames (this is our CBU, collective bargaining unit). As a result of AFEU's work to keep NASA Ames safe, and because of our legislative work to keep NASA funded, all of Ames's employees end up benefitting from AFEU's work.
NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA 94035-0243
  IAFF – Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois

The Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois is the state's foremost authority on, and advocate for, issues related to professional union fire fighters and EMS providers.
927 South Second Street, Springfield, IL 62704
  AFGE – District 12

AFGE District 12 is headquartered in Escondido, CA about 30 miles north of San Diego. Headed by National Vice President George E. McCubbin II our nine full time staff assist more than 100 AFGE local's located in Arizona, California, Hawaii, & Nevada in representing nearly 37,000 members of AFGE.
205 W. Mission Ave., Ste X, Escondido, CA 92025
  AFGE – Local 1916

AFGE Local 1916 represents the scientists, engineers, technicians, and administrative employees at three co-located federal research laboratories. All three laboratories are located on a 200 acre, historic research site in South Park, PA. Established in 1910, the site was formerly the U.S. Bureau of Mines Bruceton Experimental Station, dedicated to promoting mine safety in the U.S.
P.O.Box 231, South Park, PA 15129
  AFGE – Local 476

AFGE Local 476 is serving the workers of HUD Headquarters and Washington Field Office.
451 7th Street, S.W., Washington, DC 20410
  AFGE – Council 220

National Council of Social Security Administration Field Operations Locals are an affiliate of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE). We are affectionaly known as Council 220 inside of AFGE. Our locals represent about 29,000 Social Security Employees in Field Offices and Telephone Service Centers located in communities across the United States.
P O Box 47638, Baltimore, MD 21244-7638

The American Federation of Government Employees' Defense Conference (DEFCON) is a voluntary group of AFGE activists who serve to advise AFGE's National President on matters of importance to DoD locals. DEFCON is led by a dedicated team of Steering Group members and made up of Councils, and Committees that have expertise in different divisions of the U.S. Armed Forces.
, ,
  AFGE – District 6

AFGE District 6 is representing federal employees in Indiana, Kentucky, & Ohio.
5674 Caito Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46226
  AFGE – District 7

AFGE is the American Federation of Government Employees. District 7 represents federal employees across IL, MI and WI.
320 South Ashland Avenue, 1st Floor, Chicago, IL 60607
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